I started My Little Place of Calm as a Facebook group, a space to share my mindfulness journey, the benefits it has brought to my life and how it inspires me to learn and grow every day. My greatest wish is to tell my story in the hope that it inspires others how to live mindfully too.

The benefits for me have been life changing, from stress reduction and dealing with anxiety to better sleep patterns and learning to live in the moment. Living more purposefully, on purpose, has helped me to lead a more grounded, switched on and fulfilled life where I am grateful for every day.

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How do we learn to forgive?
If someone has hurt you deeply to your core, can you, or indeed, do you find it in your heart
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Why I Journal
Why I journal
From doodling (badly!) about all the things I’m grateful for that particular day/in general/in my life, to writing down my
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Recommended mindfulness books
My recommended reads and listens
I am constantly buying new books and downloads so a comprehensive list of my collection would be incredibly long! I’ve
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Guided sleep story for little ones

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